Welcome to Lazzari and Foppapedretti USA!!! 

Lazzari USA is the exclusive distributor of the Lazzari brand(a brand of Foppapedretti),  and the distributor of the Foppapedretti brand.

Lazzari provides high quality Italian urban storage solutions for the home.  Designed to utilize limited space, these hip compact furnishings are perfect for the urban customer.

The modularity of the Foppapedretti products makes them perfect for small spaces; yet the design does not compromise on attractiveness and durability- Foppapedretti products last for a life time.

All Foppapedretti products are made of high quality beech wood and painted with non toxic water- based paint. Usage of environmentally friendly, natural materials paints demonstrates the company’s commitment to being eco-friendly. In addition, Foppapedretti is a member of the “Bioforest association”, which promotes a environmentally sensitive production culture and contributes to the preservation of natural resource.


For Wholesale queries please email gili@lazzariusa.com